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ProductName :  Sim dialer 323-2SD1
Model :  323-2SD1
Introduction :  
Work with GSM /UMTS SIM card .
Easy to be installed.
Could store 4 access numbers
Could reroute user is call after programming the specified access number and PIN codes -new!
Could set prefix go though or by pass the dialer
Support prefix removing function-new!
Intelligent auto pickup least cost route (LCR)  function-new!
Support three working mode: 
     a. carrier select mode 
     b. force carrier select mode
     c. call through wait for connection establish
     d. call back
No need to change user is conventional dialing habit:
    a. Support dial from the Contacts and phone book, no need to memorize and input the numbers.
    b. Support dial directly from mobile phone is missed calls/ call record/ call history/ recent calls.
Compatible with many mobile phones, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG,Blackberry  and so on.
Support set prefix "+" function -new!
Support SMS programming-new!
Installation :
Cut a hole on your SIM card which size is just fit the chipset on the  SIM dialer as below picture. Stick SIM dialer  to your SIM card tightly, and then put them together to the SIM holder on mobile with care. Power on your mobile phone, and then you could program the dialer and enjoy your calling !
pls note that cutting a hole on SIM card is not necessary, but doing so could make well connection.
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